Racism and Covid 19

As a vaccine approaches, relief from a new altered reality is on the way. I want you to reflect on how Covid 19 has affected your life, your lifestyle, your movements, your way of life. After doing a deep reflection on how much life changed for you, your family, your job, your toilet paper stockpile has amassed, coupled with the repercussions of highlighted racial discrimination in this country, its safe to say our lives have been greatly affected.

This should be the aah haa moment. But it’s not because we you don’t know you don’t know. Covid 19 is just a metaphor for the institutional systemic racism that has plagued people of African descent in America and in the Western World. Covid 19, like racism stole our identity. This invisible virus that risks to infect all that may come into contact with it. This virus can infect individuals, families, communities, states, and nations. You may never know you are exposed to it, and never know you are infected by it. But it’s affects once you are infected, can make you physically and mentally sick, it can costs you your job, it can hospitalize you, it can put your community and businesses on lockdown, ultimately closing them forever, and in many cases it can cost you your very life.

Many wear masks to prevent from being affected or to affect others. Meritorious manumission, ideally putting others ideals and interests over your own (your people, community, stolen culture, morality, etc). Nowadays both sides wear masks to hide their true and in depth identities, because the scorch of racism in the 21st century cuts/infects both ways


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