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Learn Africulture

Principles, Practices, Plants and People of African Descent

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Learn Africulture

Africulture highlights, shares and enhances the principles, practices, plants and people of African descent that have and continue to contribute to the time honored, dignified field and vocation of agriculture.

For most people the first and most prominent thought that comes to mind when thinking of Africans and Agriculture is slavery. The enslavement period interrupted and greatly distorted the Africans role and experience with agriculture. Despite this long and traumatizing experience, people of African descent still maintained leadership and vision while facing never before seen obstacles and challenges.

Africulture seeks to share these experiences, as well as provide insight via engaging dialogue, metrics, activities and audio-visual resources to challenge the general perspective about people of African descent and Agriculture.

Through these and other services we seek to assist individuals and organizations to properly reckon with racial and cultural challenges, equity and dialogues that can strengthen your institutional understanding and provide for greater clarity, understanding and inclusive thoughts for individuals and institutions.